Evolution of the Appointment Card

Throughout the years B & B Tax Service has gone through many changes but few have been more visible than the changes made to our Annual Appointment Card.


My parents Mike and Kathy believed in organization and efficiency which is why they instituted the program of having prescheduled appointments for our Clients’ Tax appointments.  It allowed for proper planning and made everyone comfortable knowing they had time devoted specifically to their Financial needs.


To this day putting together the appointment cards is an event that we plan for much like the holidays. “Time to put the appointment cards together” is a common phrase my mother    always said in the household around holiday time, which has now continued in my home.


At first my parents used a generic postcard that was sent out having no real significance, overtime, the Annual Appointment Card has evolved.


The biggest change came when my son was in Elementary school. During one of his     classes he came across a famous painting by Edvard Munch titled “The Scream”. At the time, he made it known that this was his favorite painting. Of course my parents had to buy him a small print of it for his room. They also felt this painting would make for a great Appointment Card and it has been used ever since.


We have used several different versions of the same painting, but this image has been used now for many years to alert our clients “It’s That Time Again”.


This year we will be unveiling our latest take on the painting. We came across this painting on a visit to Savannah, GA and had to have it for B & B.  A painting created specifically for  B & B Tax by a Painter that some may recognize, especially if you have young children.   Illustrator, James Dean, has painted his version of “The Scream” and incorporated into the painting his very own “Pete the Cat”.