Services Available – Business Owners

We provide individualized services to our business owners so that they can concentrate on growing their business and doing what they love without having to worry about the many Federal and State Tax guidelines or the little things needed to protect their business.


Accounting/Bookkeeping Services

Whether it is an annual visit, monthly visit or even more often we can help keep your business on track with everything financial. Our Accountants have enough experience to handle any business or not for profit organization no matter what the industry. We can provide these services either at our office with our trained staff or we can come to you, whichever is more suitable to help you grow your business.


Tax Preparation/Tax Planning

Our Accountants can prepare and file any tax filings that are necessary for your busy entity. By being involved with your business on a regular basis we can also give you the heads up on any tax issues that may be on the horizon and guidance on how to minimize tax liabilities.


Financial Statement Preparation

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Budget and Cash Flow Projections

Budget and Cash Flow projections are the most important financial aspect of any business. We can help you achieve greater success by working with you to better understand your budget and manage cash flow. This is essential to maintain any successful business.


Payroll and Sales Tax Filings

Payroll and Sales Tax Filings are usually where business owners struggle the most. Improperly prepared or filed Payroll and Sales tax Returns can cause substantial headaches and costly fines. Our Accountants can make sure that your returns are properly prepared and filed in a timely manner helping you avoid costly problems.


Business Consulting Services

We take pride in the fact that we have experience dealing with many different business types in many different industries. We enjoy helping our business owners grow their business and become successful in their field of choice. Our Accountants are available to help with any questions our business owners have to solve a problem, get ahead or just become more efficient.


Group Health Insurance Plans

Our Accountants want to make sure our clients are protected in every way. We are eager to help with setting up health plans for our clients and their employees in the most cost effective manner possible.


Employee Retirement Plans

Our Accountants are available to not only help our business owners be successful for today but also into Retirement. We can help our clients to achieve success by establishing a Retirement program that is designed for whatever their individual needs.

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